Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast, lunch or doughnuts, Sweet Coloradough goes the extra mile to ensure every bite is delicious. Nearly all items are made from scratch by hand with love in the Rocky Mountains of Coloradough.

    • Handcrafted Sandwiches

    • The Grand Ave

      Parmesan Bagel with Cream Cheese, Egg, Sugar Cured Bacon, and Pepperjack With Jalapeño or Habanero Pineapple Cream Cheese

    • The Basics

      2 Eggs, 2 Strips of Sugar Cured Bacon and a Slice of Super Bomb Bread

    • The McLovin’

      English Muffin with a Poached Egg, Cheddar & Honey Ham or Sugar Cured Ham

    • The Tasty Town

      Open Face Sausage Bread topped with Egg, Sugar Cured Bacon & Sausage Gravy

    • The Frying Pan

      Four Cheese Bread with Egg, Honey Ham, Cheddar, and Swiss

    • The Canyon

      Everything Bagel with Egg, Sugar Cured Bacon, Oven-Roasted Turkey & Provolone

    • The Baby Daddy

      Regular-size Raised Doughnut with One Egg and a strip of Sugar Cured Bacon

    • The Phat Pig

      One Slice Bacon Bread, One Slice Sausage Bread with Egg, Honey Ham, Sugar Cured Bacon, Cheddar, and Cream Cheese

    • The L.A.S. (Land, Air, Sea)

      Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon Lox, Sugar Cured Bacon, Egg & Cream Cheese

    • The Crystal

      Your choice of Bagel with Cream Cheese and Salmon Lox

    • The Ajax

      Your choice of Bagel with Cream Cheese

    • More Handcrafted Sandwiches

    • Build-A-Super-Bomb-Sandwich


      Super 6 Grain • Four Cheese • 4 Cheese Hoagie • Bacon Cheddar Marble Rye • Sausage-Pepperjack • Doughnut • Croissant


      Plain • Everything • Parmesan • Cinnamon Raisin


      Ham • Turkey • Roast Beef • Corned Beef • Pastrami • Egg Bacon • Sausage

      Cream Cheese • Cheddar • Swiss • Provolone • Pepperjack

      Other Stuff:
      Lettuce • Tomato • Onion • Oven-roasted Zucchini Squash • Jalapeño Super Greens • Sauerkraut • Creamy Horseradish • Yellow Mustard • Grey Poupon • Stone-ground Mustard • Honey Mustard • Beer Mustard  • Sweet Hot Pepper Mustard  • 1000 Island • Ranch  • Spicy Ranch  • Creamy Chipotle Sauce • Cream Cheese • Jalapeño Cream Cheese • Habanero Pineapple Cream Cheese

    • The Border

      Bacon Cheddar Bread with Sliced Ribeye, Pepper Jack Cheese, Sugar Cured Bacon and Love Sauce

    • The Flattop Philly

      Four cheese hoagie, sliced rib eye, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, sliced provolone and love sauce

    • B.A. Burrito

      Sausage, Bacon or Veggie – Ever-changing and a limited supply!

    • The Colorado Club

      Croissant with Oven Roasted Turkey or Honey Ham & Sugar Cured Bacon, Greens & Tomato

    • The Roaring Fork

      Bacon Bread with Oven-roasted Turkey, Italian Pastrami & Provolone

    • The Reudi Reuben

      Marble Rye with Corned Beef, Italian Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Creamy Horseradish, 10000 Island, Swiss & Provolone

    • The Vegisaurus

      Super 6 Grain Bread with Oven-roasted Zucchini, Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onion, Provolone, Sweet & Hot Mustard & Ranch (add Egg or Protein)

    • The Highway 82

      One Slice Four Cheese Bread, One slice Bacon Bread with Oven-roasted Turkey, Sugar Cured Bacon, Swiss, Tomato, Mix Greens, Honey Mustard & Ranch

    • The Evergreen

      Salad of the day